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Professional Dallas/Fort Worth Termite Control

When it comes to termite control, one hopes to prevent ever having to deal with the pesky suckers in the first place. But if you find that they have been silently making their way onto your property, we can help treat the problem with termite control, preventing total destruction of your home or business in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

When it comes to termites, there is never just one. Termites live in very large nests within colonies, organized into caste systems. So, if you start to see evidence of one, there are likely more hiding beneath the surface. With our termite treatment services, we truly assess the extent of the infestation and wipe out the nest fully.

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Effective Dallas/Fort Worth Termite Prevention

Termite prevention is a dual effort by both the property owners in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and by us. Some of the ways you can prevent termites from ever becoming a problem in your home are to reduce moisture in and around your home or business, periodically inspect the foundation and an exterior wood of the structure, and partnering with us for an annual termite inspection as infestation is often times not covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy. Our termite treatment services target these pests in 2 ways: a liquid defense system and/or strategic baiting. An assessment of your home or business within the Dallas/Fort Worth area will allow us to customize an approach using our proven methods, to help you identify any termite issue you may be facing and prevent any future damage.

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Termite Detection

Understanding how to detect if your home has a termite infestation can save you from further damage. First off, you want to look for brittle or hollow wood on your house. Termites eat wood from the inside out, so if you tap on wood and it sounds hollow, there’s a chance of termite problems. Look around the foundation of your home for mud tubes; termites use these tubes to travel back and forth from your home to the ground.

Springtime is typically when subterranean termites swarm to reproduce. Swarmers are the reproductive termites within the colony; they have wings and take flight to create new colonies. If you see groups of winged insects either flying or dead inside or outside of your home, there’s a good chance you have a termite infestation. You might even see tiny holes in drywall where swarmers are coming out; it’s quite an awful sight.

Subterranean termites build mud tubes to travel from the ground into your home.
Termite mud tubes.
Termite mud tubes.
Rotten or hollowed out wood is a good indicator of an active termite infestation.
Noticeable mud or dirt in strange places inside the home is a good indication of active termites.

How We Treat For Termites

There are many termite treatment methods available to solve infestation issues; everything starts with a thorough termite inspection. Once it’s determined how bad the infestation is, Alamo will target the exact method required for complete termite removal. The main product we use for termite mitigation is Termidor. Typically, two different treatment approaches are recommended based upon the level of infestation.

For termite infestations that are localized to one particular area (usually 10 linear feet), we focus on spot treating the termites. Spot treatments can include drilling under the foundation and injecting Termidor foam inside walls. Heavy termite infestations usually require a “whole home” approach. When Alamo treats the entire home, we start out by injecting Termidor foam around all plumbing areas. This foam expands and provides a solid barrier at common termite entry points. A six-inch deep trench is dug around the entire house where the soil meets the foundation; this trench is filled with calculated amounts of Termidor. It may also be necessary to drill several holes through porches and patios to inject Termidor below the foundation. All drill holes are discreet and patched before we finish the extermination.

First we measure the linear feet of the home to do determine how much Termidor will need to be applied.
For a whole home treatment, we dig a trench around the foundation before we apply Termidor.
For a whole home treatment, we dig a trench around the foundation before we apply Termidor.
Using a calculated tank mixture of Termidor, we spray the trench.
Using a calculated tank mixture of Termidor, we spray the trench.

Termite Damage to Your Home

Subterranean termites cause billions of dollars in damage every year, which isn’t good for a family’s most valued possession. Unfortunately there is a truthful saying around here… “There are two kinds of people in Texas, people who have termites and people who’ll get termites.” It’s important that homeowners constantly inspect their homes for signs of termites and call Alamo with any concerns. If termites are left unmanaged, they will cause serious damage to your home.

Termites damaged this home so badly, the drywall had to be removed. Termites can literally destroy your home.
Termites were getting into this home around the plumbing fixtures, behind the drywall.
Major structural damage.
If you notice rotten or brittle fence pickets, call us for a free inspection.


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