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Pest Control in Southlake, TX

Have you noticed unwanted pests in your home? Alamo is experienced in ridding your home of pests from your pantry to your bed! Pests can be dangerous to you and your loved ones as they can spread illnesses and cause allergies. Each home is different and requires a unique treatment approach, so we take the time to give your home a thorough inspection before determining the best course of action. As a locally owned business, we have almost 30 years of experience in the Southlake area.  

When you partner with Alamo Pest Control, we can rid your home of:

  • Spiders
  • Beetles 
  • Ants 
  • Rodents 
  • Bedbugs
  • Flea and Ticks
  • Pantry Pests
  • and More!

Sign up for our year-round protection program and save 25% on your first treatment.

We Are Dedicated To Providing The Best Results!

Pests can strike anytime, so Alamo offers 24/7 phone service, so we always have you covered! Our team can provide expertise over the phone until a technician is available to arrive at your home. Safety is one of our top priorities so we use the best treatment products available that are also safe for your family and pets. Our team undergoes extensive training both in the classroom and in the field in addition to continuing their education in the latest advancements in pest control treatments. Contact us today for the best pest control in the Fort Worth area!

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Termite Treatment in Southlake

Termites are one of the most expensive pests you can encounter. They eat through your home’s structural supports, subfloor, and even kitchen cabinets. Repairs can cost thousands of dollars and aren’t covered by most homeowners insurance. Instead of spending your time worried about termites, trust the experts at Alamo. We offer termite treatments in Southlake that uses liquid treatments and Sentricon bait stations.

Here’s how Sentricon works:

  • A termite exterminator will place bait stations around the perimeter of your home.
  • Termites take the bait and bring it back to the colony.
  • The active ingredient stops termites from molting, which causes them to die.
  • As worker termites die, the colony stops functioning and collapses from the inside.
  • The bait stations remain active to give you 24/7 protection.

By using a combination of liquid treatments and bait stations, our team is able to not only get rid of your current termite infestation but provide protection against any new infestations.

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Bed Bug Treatment in Southlake

Don't let bed bugs ruin your sleep and invade your home. Trust Alamo Termite & Pest Control, the leading bed bug exterminator in Colleyville, to get rid of them for good.

  • With over years of experience, our team of local experts knows exactly how to tackle the toughest bed bug infestations.
  • Our thorough bed bug inspection will leave no corner unturned, ensuring that every last bug is discovered.
  • We offer customized bed bug treatments tailored to your specific needs, providing effective solutions that are guaranteed to eliminate the problem.
  • We believe in going above and beyond for our customers, which is why we provide a two-week follow-up inspection to ensure that the infestation is completely gone.
  • When it comes to bed bug control service, safety is our top priority. Our treatment methods are safe for your family, pets, and home.
  • With our same-day and next-day servicing options, you won't have to wait long for relief. We understand the urgency of your situation and are here to help.

Choose Alamo Termite & Pest Control for all your bed bug needs in Colleyville. You can trust us to deliver exceptional service and guaranteed results. Contact us today for a free quote and inspection.

Discovering rats and mice in your home can be unsettling and even dangerous - but fear not, because Alamo Termite & Pest Control is here to help. Our rodent exterminator in Colleyville offers a comprehensive rodent control service that will eliminate these pests for good.

Here's what you can expect from our top-notch rodent service in Colleyville:

  • A free rodent inspection: Our experienced team will thoroughly inspect your home for signs of a rodent infestation, including droppings and nesting materials.
  • A customized treatment plan: We'll tailor our approach to your specific needs, ensuring that we target the rodents at their source and prevent future infestations.
  • Open communication: We value transparency, which is why our team of local exterminators will keep you informed every step of the way.
  • Bait stations strategically placed: We'll set up bait stations in areas with high rodent activity, but away from children and pets, to effectively lure and eliminate these pests.
  • Rodent exclusion: Our experts will seal off entry points to prevent more rodents from entering your home, ensuring long-term protection.
  • Ongoing service options: Choose between recurring visits or one-time treatments to keep your home rodent-free all year round.

Rodent Exterminators Local To The Area

As a locally owned and operated pest control company, we understand the unique challenges of rodent control in Colleyville, Texas. With its natural features and climate, the city naturally attracts rats and mice. That's why our rodent removal services are specifically designed to address the issues you may be facing.

Don't let rats and mice take over your home. Trust our expert rodent control service in Colleyville to get rid of these pests once and for all. Contact our rat exterminators today to schedule your free rodent inspection and take the first step toward a pest-free home.

Mosquito Control in Southlake

Say goodbye to annoying mosquito bites with our mosquito control service in Colleyville.

  • Get a free inspection to identify issue areas on your property.
  • Our customized treatment plan, tailored to your home and family's needs, will ensure effective mosquito prevention.
  • We offer the innovative In2Care system, using mosquito traps strategically placed to target mosquitoes at different stages of their lifecycle.
  • Alternatives include fogging and liquid sprays.
  • One-time service or recurring servicing for year-round protection.

Don't let mosquitoes ruin your relaxation and entertaining.  Choose our mosquito control in Colleyville for a mosquito-free environment and peace of mind.

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5 Star Review

Alamo Termite & Pest Control has been servicing our home for little over a year now. They are just absolutely wonderful to work with ... from the ladies in the office to the service techs that come out our home. The ladies over the phone are very nice to talk with when scheduling & confirming appointments ... they make you feel as though you have known them forever. So thank you to them!! Troy came out to service our home this time & walked through our yard looking & listening to each item we wanted to discuss.

Tricia Varquera
5 Star Review

The service is great and the staff is extremely helpful and friendly.

Joanie Ross
Carrollton Office
5 Star Review

Jay Robinson was very nice and professional!

Ethan Hollier
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