The Benefits of Sentricon Termite Baiting


Invasive and destructive beyond all compare, termites will return as soon as your one-time treatment wears off. Their relentless nature makes it a constant battle to keep them at bay — unless you have a little something extra up your sleeve, that is, such as Sentricon termite baiting traps. These stations go well beyond one-time treatments, constantly protecting your home from the destructive forces caused by termites. Here are the benefits you will enjoy with Sentricon by your side.

Works Around the Clock

Once a pest control specialist installs the Sentricon system on your property, it immediately gets to work. The active ingredient, noviflumuron, draws termites into its confines quite effectively. They even prefer it to wood, which is great news for the lumber in your house and other structures on your property.

Regulates Growth

Upon contact with noviflumuron, termites lose their ability to molt. This halts them in their current life stage, preventing them from laying eggs and adding to their populations. Since the active ingredient does not kill them right away, they bring it back to the colony, which ends up decimating their numbers in a short while. Even the queen cannot escape.

Minimal Maintenance

As a homeowner, there is little you have to do to keep the bait station working effectively. You just have to bring your pest control expert back about once a year to check and replenish the system. Otherwise, simply leave the termite baiting systems in place and let them do the dirty work.

Prevents Structure Damage

With the bait station making quick work of the termites on your land, you can rest assured that your home and other structures will keep their lumber intact. Termites prefer to come to the station to feed instead of gnawing on wood, which provides the first layer of protection. Then, as the active ingredient prevents them from molting, the whole colony begins to die off, eliminating these pests from your land for good. As long as you have the bait station in place, your structure will be protected from damage for the long term.

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When you use Sentricon termite baiting to rid your home and life of these critters, you can have true peace of mind that the problem is solved — and we can help you get started. Our exterminators at Alamo Termite & Pest Control have extensive experience setting up baiting stations all across the Dallas-Fort Worth region. Simply give us a call at 855-525-4281 for a free instant estimate.

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