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As long as humans have been living in groups of any size, there have been rodents nearby feeding on garbage, multiplying, spreading disease and destroying crops and most anything in their path. Mice and rats are prolific breeders, born survivors with incredibly brief gestation periods of only 20 to 24 days. Most home and business owners know that traps and poisons are only marginally effective for rat and mice control. Effective rodent removal and control requires planning, diligence and professional rodent pest control from companies like Alamo Termite & Pest Control. Since 1993, we have been providing clients throughout the Dallas Fort Worth areas with effective, proven rodent pest control solutions. Call us today for a free consultation.

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A Comprehensive Approach to Rodent Removal Spells Results

Like most pest eradication, effective rodent removal is not a one-time deal. Rather, it is an ongoing process requires a comprehensive approach unique to each home or business. This involves a combination of the following elements:

Careful food and garbage storage and timely removal
Baiting stations
Nesting spot identification
Baiting stations
Rodent baiting
Inspection and sealing of exterior pathways into the home or business
An ongoing eradication campaign that kills and removes rodents and takes away their ability to reproduce

Rodent bait is designed to terminally dehydrate the rodent. Our rodent removal technicians do use baiting methods occasionally, but it is very situational. When a rodent eats the bait and starts dehydrating, they go outside searching for water, and pass away outside of your home.  This ensures you don’t have dead rodents passing away inside your walls or other places inside the home.

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Whether you have a rodent infestation problem or you want to wisely take proactive measures to prevent one, your mice control and rat control solution begins with a phone call to us at Alamo Termite & Pest Control. Schedule a visit from our technicians, and they will conduct a thorough site inspection, identify trouble spots and use their training and experience to create a customized rodent control plan that will get results. In our experience, effective rat control and mice control require regularly scheduled visits that help us get on top and stay on top of the rodent reproduction life cycle. Have us take charge of your rodent pest control, and schedule a visit from our technicians today. Give us a call at Dallas Area: 214-302-9680 Fort Worth Area: 817-760-0284  or fill out a contact form for a timely reply. Rely on the pros at Alamo to get it done and get it done right!

Are You Seeing Rodents In Your Home?

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Mice and Rat Facts

Both a rat and a mouse are nocturnal by nature, however you will see activity during the day. Rats and mice also share the fact that they are prolific breeders, producing 13 litters per year (almost 7 young per litter). Both species mature rapidly and are usually weaned after 3 weeks. Male and female rats become sexually mature approximately when they’re 3 months old. These rodents will eat pretty much anything that has nutritional value. A mouse only needs a ¼” sized opening to enter a home. Gaps in siding, attic ventilation, or any other exterior hole are common entry points for mice.

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House Mouse Norway Rat Roof Rat


Indications Of A Rodent Problem

Tell all signs of a rodent infestation start by noticing pellet sized dropping around the inside of the home or in the attic. Mice can produce thousands of droppings in a short period of time, even with a small mice population. Inspection of the droppings can indicate how current the rodent problem is. Droppings that are recent and fresh are usually very dark and soft, after three or four days they’ll loose their color and harden.

Since rats and mice are most active at night, it is very common to hear squeaking, scratching, gnawing, and digging noises. Rodents can access the inside of walls, but people generally hear these sounds coming from the attic.

If you’re hearing rodent activity inside walls or in the attic, it’s important to call Alamo for a rodent inspection. Our trained technicians will be able to determine how bad the infestation is and the best rodent removal approach.

Rodent Damage

Rats and mice can cause significant damage to a home, that’s why it’s important to call Alamo whenever there’s a sign of rodent infestation. Rodents are constant chewers and they’ll chew pretty much anything while looking for food or nesting material. It’s not uncommon for rats to chew on wires in the attic, which could cause a major fire hazard. It’s also common for rats to gnaw away at your roof around plumbing vents, this can cause large water leaks in the roof.

Alamo Pest Control Service and Exterminator in Dallas Fort Worth

Alamo Pest Control Service and Exterminator in Dallas Fort Worth