How To Remove Rodents From Your Home


Regardless of whether someone is a property renter or owner, a pest is a pest. Mice and rats are destructive rodents. The weather changes in Texas take place overnight, and there is no way to tell when a mouse will find a way to get in to avoid high water, a cold snap, or oppressive heat waves.

Eliminate Entry Points

One mouse can quickly turn into a full infestation. The point of entry is rarely easy to pin down because of the insistence of rodents to find a place of comfort. Pest control specialists know how to track a mouse’s sneaky holes using multiple methods.

The faster an entry point is pinpointed, the less damage the pests can do. Mice are not picky about what they gnaw on and destroy. From insulation to wires that could cause a fire hazard, an infestation is dangerous and annoying. Narrowing where they are coming in is imperative to stop the worst-case scenario.

Trying Traps

The placement of traps and the bait used are only two aspects of using mouse traps to diminish a full-on rodent invasion. The type of trap is tricky because a homeowner or renter is now always aware of how large the pest infestation is evolving.

  • Snap traps—Larger than mouse traps, they capture rats much the same way.
  • Live traps—The rodent enters the trap and is shunted to the other side by a snapping mechanism, trapping the rodent. You will take the trap somewhere to let it go so the rat can’t get back into your house.
  • Glue traps—The only way this wouldn’t work is if the rat only catches one leg on the trap and carries it around with it. Otherwise, it works well.
  • Bait traps—These are kid and pet resistant, designed for only the rat eating the bait and dying.

Placement is essential because of an established path mice tend to keep. A trained pest control technician is useful when your home becomes a mouse playground.

Sanitation to Secure

Cleanliness is not always as cut and dry as it seems. Anyone who has children, grandchildren, or pets knows that even the largest of crumbs is easy to miss. The fact is, a mouse will enter a clean or dirty house, but they are more willing to stay and grow their family of pests if they have a constant trail of tasty morsels.

Filthy houses are not safe for an array of reasons. But, rodents do not discriminate. Ensuring the garbage is taken out, vacuumed, and swept will reduce the number of pesky pests that attempt a takeover.

Prevention from the Inside & Out

Mice and rats are tricksters. They have a way of finding the smallest of spaces to hide. Texas is known for dramatic weather changes that lead to problems you are not prepared to handle yourself. Trained technicians know how to clear outside debris and look for signs of sneaky rodents.

Alamo Termite and Pest Control has almost 30 years of eliminating pests in the Dallas Fort Worth area. No project is too big or small. Condos, apartments, homes, and businesses are safe from the destruction of rodents under Alamo’s reasonably priced care.

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