How To Get Rid of Cockroaches In Texas


There are many ways to remove and prevent cockroaches from returning including:

Boric Acid Powder

Found in products like toothpaste and detergent, Boric Acid Powder can be one of the best options to kill cockroaches. The downside is it can easily be misapplied and are constantly subject to air currents moving the powder away from the infested area. Simply sprinkle the powder into the effective area and it will affix to the pest when they walk through. The cockroach will then ingest the powder during eating and cleaning.

Caulking Open Areas

While caulking open areas will not kill the existing roaches, it will prevent further infestation and render the Boric Acid Powder more effective by reducing air currents. Caulk will fill entry points such as wall gaps and tiles, entry holes, and small crevices. You can also use weather stripping on the window seals and doors.

Glue Strips

Roach glue strips are an excellent method of locating large infestations. After inspecting the house, you will know where to strategically place the roach strips. Simply monitor them for one week and place the strips in a high-traffic area to catch the most roaches.

Gel Bait

Gel Bait is available in a tube and should be applied in crevices and cracks, under baseboards, and in areas that attract roaches. Gel bait is so effective that the result could be numerous dead roaches lying around the house.

Pest Management Professionals

The aforementioned may temporarily manage the issue but to truly eliminate cockroaches, it is best to hire pest management professionals like Alamo Termite & Pest Control. With one of the best guarantees in the industry, if the roaches are exterminated and return, our experienced exterminators from Fort Worth will come back and take care of the issue. Call us today at 817-760-0284 to schedule a free inspection.


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