3 Benefits of Using In2Care Mosquito Traps


Across Texas, more than 85 species of mosquitoes buzzing around, causing a nuisance and potentially spreading dangerous diseases. Luckily, the In2Care Mosquito Trap is here to help. With this set it and forget it system on your side, you can reap the rewards day after day with minimal effort on your part. Here’s a look at just three benefits of using this trap to rid your world of nasty mosquitoes.

Mosquitos Do the Work

With the In2Care Mosquito Trap, all you have to do is have a pest control expert set it up and anchor it down to get started. Then, as the special attracting odor draws them near, the mosquitos take over the job. As they land on the floating area, these insects pick up the naturally-occurring fungus and bioactive larvicide powder on their bodies. After leaving the trap, they end up doing all the work by spreading the repellent everywhere they go, including their breeding grounds where larva await.

Extensive Coverage Area

Although the trap is no bigger than your average mop bucket, it can treat an impressive 1,300 square foot area. That is more space than a typical two-bedroom apartment in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. And if you need more space treated for mosquitos? Simply use another trap to treat the other side of your property — and then, kick back and relax, waiting for the mosquitos to do all the hard work.

Dual Targeting for Larva and Adults

With its special two-part formula, these effective traps target both larva and adult mosquitos, disrupting their lifecycle from beginning to end. The naturally-occurring fungus affects adult mosquitos within 8 to 10 days, which gives them just enough time to spread the second part of the equation to their young. As they move through their breeding grounds, they spread the larvicide to the larva, preventing them from growing into adults. And it does it all without impacting any other organisms in the environment. So, birds, pets, and humans are all safe, but mosquitos are not.

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When you want to get rid of mosquitos fast, In2Care Mosquito Trapsis the way to go. To help you decide if this system is right for you, reach out to our team of local pest exterminators at Alamo Termite & Pest Control. We are available at 855-525-4281 anytime you need help with controlling pests in your home or on your land.

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