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Why Quarterly Pest Control Is Worth It

Why Quarterly Pest Control Is Worth It

Dealing with pests is something everyone has to do. From do-it-yourself applications, one-time pest treatments, and quarterly pest control services, there are many ways to combat the roaches, termites, and other pests common in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Is a quarterly pest control plan worth it to you?

What is a quarterly pest control plan?

A quarterly pest control plan puts your pest control on a schedule, so you can relax and let someone else make sure your home or office is treated on a regular basis. A pest control professional will treat your space every three months, and you can spread out the cost of the service on a monthly basis. If pests show up before the next scheduled treatment, the company will come out for free to handle the intruders.

Why is a quarterly pest control plan worth it over one-time services?

Pest control companies will treat your home or office as a one-time service, but you have to know when to call them. It’s hard to predict when your next pest problem will arise. Quarterly pest control services help you keep on top of pests before they become a problem, saving you time and money.

Automatic Scheduling
In today’s busy world, it is easy to forget to re-treat your home until it’s too late, and the last pest service is no longer working. A quarterly pest control service helps manage your workload by making sure your next pest treatment happens before your last one stops being effective.


With a one-time service call, you pay every time a technician comes to deal with returning pests. A quarterly pest control contract means that you are protected by a warranty if pests return before your next scheduled visit. Just call your pest control professionals, and the company will send a technician to deal with the returning pests at no additional charge to you.


No matter how clean your house is, sometimes critters make their way in. An unexpected pest service can wreak havoc on your monthly budget. With a quarterly pest control contract, you can plan for the cost of treatments as manageable monthly payments and ensure that your home and your budget are protected from uninvited guests.

What are the benefits of a quarterly pest control plan over DIY treatments?

The pest aisle at the home improvement store is tempting for a quick-fix when you are faced with an infestation in your home or office. But which chemical will work for your problem? What is safe for children to be around? How will you store the container or dispose of it safely when you are done?

Pest control professionals rely on years of experience and training. They have access to professional-grade treatments and know which ones to apply for different pests. They know where to apply products so that the bugs will be harmed, not your children or your guests. They will also properly dispose of waste containers, keeping your home and the environment as safe as possible from hazardous chemicals.

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