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Dallas Fort Worth Tick Control

If ticks are ticking you off, contact Alamo for Dallas Fort Worth tick control. Ticks are a ticking time bomb. They are only after one thing—blood. These nasty blood suckers can seriously harm your family and pets. At a minimum a tick bite will cause itching and skin irritation. However, ticks can transmit multiple diseases including lyme disease and many types of fevers, so effective tick control is a must. There is a misconception about ticks only being an outdoor issue. Unfortunately, this is not true as a tick infestation can also occur inside of homes. Ticks are able to infiltrate your residence as a hitchhiker on mice and rats. Two wrongs definitely don’t make a right in this situation!

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Dallas Fort Worth Tick Extermination

Our tick extermination service will eliminate any tick problems from your house or place of business. The key to effective tick control is knowing when and where to apply the treatment. Different species of ticks hatch at different times in the year, so working with an experienced professional exterminator that understands these cycles is imperative for effective extermination. It is critical to remove tick hosts (pets and pests) to exterminate the ticks. Your vet can provide you with effective treatment options for your pet and we can take care of the pests that host ticks. If you have been ticked off by ticks, contact Alamo Pest and we’ll put an end to their reign of terror.

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Ticks Are Dangerous And Carry Diseases

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