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Dallas Fort Worth Silverfish Extermination

If you are in need of Dallas Fort Worth silverfish extermination, you’ve come to the right place. The price of precious metals continues to rise, while the popularity of silverfish remains at zero. These creepy crawly critters come out at night and move swiftly, so it’s possible for them to invade and infest your home without you even realizing it. Silverfish extermination is necessary to eliminate these pests as they can reproduce very rapidly and can quickly infest your residence and damage your property. These bugs will eat your fancy wardrobe, your car title, and even the toilet paper off the roll. This is why you need an exterminator to wipe them out!

Alamo Pest wants to be your silverfish exterminator and get you back to being bug free! Call us today in Dallas at 214-302-9680 and Fort Worth at 817-760-0284.

Dallas Fort Worth Silverfish Control

We have been helping our customers with silverfish control since 1993. Over that time, we have developed very effective techniques and a system for exterminating these pests. Silverfish like to hang out in place similar to many other bugs; damp and dark areas. Some common locations include the bathroom, basement, and near the kitchen sink. They thrive in high humidity and are capable of feeding on a wide range of food sources, so silverfish control can be a challenge once they have reached large numbers. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you feel spot one of these ugly bugs.

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