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Professional, Effective Dallas Fort/Worth Flea Control and Flea Extermination

Fleas are a persistent threat and can make life miserable for pets and pet owners alike. They spread disease, feed on blood and are notoriously difficult to get rid of as they have four developmental stages. Each stage requires a determined effort to target and eradicate. There are hundreds of flea species, most of which namesakes derive from their favorite targets. These include dog fleas, cat fleas, human fleas, etc. However, despite their names, these little parasites do not discriminate. Any blood meal will do, and once they establish themselves in a home or business, it requires professional flea control and flea extermination to eliminate them. If you have pets, the best defense against fleas is a good offense. If you have a flea infestation problem, don’t waste your money on foggers and sprays that only provide temporary relief, call the flea extermination pros at Alamo Termite & Pest Control today.

For professional flea control and flea extermination in the Dallas Fort Worth area, contact us today by filling out a contact form for a fast response or calling us at Dallas Area: 214-302-9680 Fort Worth Area: 817-760-0284!

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Flea Extermination in the Dallas Fort Worth Area

The year-round climate in the Dallas Fort Worth area makes it easy for fleas to thrive, infest homes and businesses and then re-infest them after treatment. Flea control and flea extermination require pest control technicians and clients to take a comprehensive approach to prevent infestations. Elements of effective flea extermination in the Dallas Fort Worth area include the following:

  • A thorough site inspection and development of a flea control plan
  • Insecticides developed specifically for fleas, which include growth regulators to disrupt the egg/larva/pupa/adult life cycle
  • If pets are present, weekly baths and frequent brushing to remove fleas, eggs, larvae and pupa from the pet
  • Daily vacuuming of carpeting and furniture with extra attention to pet bedding and pets’ favorite spots
  • Repeat visits to prevent flea populations from gaining breeding momentum

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If fleas are making life miserable for you, your family and your pets, it’s best to be on the offense. Begin by contacting a flea exterminator at Alamo Termite & Pest Control. Since 1993, we have been helping home and business owners in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with effective pest control solutions that combine science with hard work, know-how and experience. To contact us, fill out a contact form for a fast reply or give us a call today at Dallas Area: 214-302-9680 Fort Worth Area: 817-760-0284! Call us especially if you are getting flea bites, we will get rid of fleas in your home to protect your family.

Flea Life Cycle

Fleas pass through four stages during a life cycle – egg, larva, pupa, adult. Eggs are laid mostly on a host animal (they don’t stick and will fall off on pet beds and furniture) and on the ground. After about a week, eggs hatch into tiny worm like larvae, which work their way down into carpet and cracks/crevices of hard wood flooring. After about a week of being in their larva life cycle, they’ll spin a cocoon to pupate, which brings them into their pupa life cycle. Fleas can remain in this life cycle anywhere from one week to almost a year! Once the flea emerges from the pupa, it lives out the remaining cycle as an adult.

Adult fleas will emerge from its pupa life cycle when it senses an increase of carbon dioxide (which tells them a host is present) or if the pupa is stimulated by any form of vibration. After Alamo treats an infested home, the most important job of the homeowner will be to vacuum daily for three weeks. The goal of vacuuming is to create vibrations that will force the pupa to emerge and expose itself to our treatment products.

Flea Facts

In a typical flea infested house, 50% of the population are flea eggs, 35% are flea larvae, 10% are flea pupae, and 5% are feeding adults. When a pupa detects a host, it can emerge from its cocoon as an adult, jump as high as four feet, and start feeding on an animal or human, all within three seconds! A female will start laying 40 to 50 eggs per day within 24 hours after the first blood meal! It’s very important to call Alamo when the first signs of flea problem is evident; we need to interrupt their life cycle before more eggs are laid.

How Alamo Will Get Rid Of Fleas

The first action to get rid of fleas is making sure your dog or cat is current on their flea medication (such as Frontline). This medication is designed to stay in your pet’s skin and hair follicles, which will kill an exposed adult flea within 18 hours. Ideally with dog and cat flea medication, the adult flea dies before it starts laying eggs.

For active flea infestations, Alamo applies treatment products to all exposed areas inside of the home. This can include couch cushions, bed mattresses, pet beds, window curtains, all carpet areas, rugs, hard wood floors, and tile floors. Traditional over the counter flea bombs (or flea foggers) are generally not effective for flea control because their chemicals often don’t reach sheltered areas. These products also typically target only adult fleas, not controlling the root problem. Alamo uses professional treatment products that aren’t available to unlicensed consumers. Please plan for leaving the home for two hours after Alamo treats for termites, this will give our products time to dry. For outside of the home, Alamo uses a pressure spraying system to apply flea control products to the yard.

Once a home is professionally treated by Alamo, our products are designed to prevent reinfestations. We can do this by including an “insect growth regulator” (IGR) into our flea control methods. IGR’s will prevent the flea from moving into its next growth cycle and inhibits further reproduction. Fleas in their pupa cycle are extremely resistant to any flea control products. As mentioned earlier, it’s very important to vacuum daily for 3 weeks and stimulate the pupae to hatch (causing vibrations). This brings the newly emerged adult flea into contact with our treatment products, which is the fastest way to end their life cycle. After Alamo treats a home for fleas, customers may still see adult fleas for up to three weeks after treatment. This is normal activity of pupae hatching, but the adult fleas will soon die. During this time, they won’t be able to reproduce; just keep vacuuming daily and the flea problem will be completely solved.

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Flea Bites

When a flea bites a host animal, it first injects saliva that helps thin the blood and prevent clotting. This saliva causes allergic reactions to humans and pets. Human flea bites are usually caused by cat fleas and dog fleas (there are thousands of flea species). Typically, people will notice a large number of itchy red bubbles or bumps below the knee and usually on the ankles. Pet flea bites will be apparent when they’re constantly itching or biting at their fur. Dog and cat flea medication does not stop the flea from biting, they’re designed to kill the flea and stopping the life cycle. Flea bites on pets can cause fur loss, inflammation, and skin infections.

Since fleas are parasites and feed on blood for survival, they also can carry diseases that infect humans. These diseases include typhus, bortonella, plague, tungiasis, rickettsial diseases, and tapeworms.


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