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Dallas Fort Worth Bed Bug Bites 2018

Dallas Fort Worth Bed Bug Bites 2018

Dallas Fort Worth has seen a major resurgence of bed bug infestations within the past few years, we get so many questions concerning bed bug bites. Bed bugs have a beak-like mouth that is formed by two parts. One part feeds off human blood during a bed bug bite, and the other part injects saliva so you don’t feel the bed bug biting.

When bed bugs bite humans, they generally feed up to 10 minutes (6 times their weight in blood). These bloodsuckers cause havoc in both Dallas Fort Worth, mainly because bed bugs bite in the evening when humans are sleeping.

Reactions To Bed Bug Bites

People’s reactions to bed bug bites are never the same, but usually similar in both Dallas Fort Worth. Your body being allergic to the bed bug saliva causes bite reactions. After waking up in the morning, you might find some itchy bed bug bite marks; but it can take a week for serious skin reactions to occur.

Everyone reacts differently to bed bug bites, but some of our customers report seeing a raised appearance on their skin. Some customers even report a bed bug rash that is painful and itchy. The common bed bug bite marks tend to be straight rows of bites, usually on the arms and shoulders.

Bed Bug Bite Treatments

There isn’t a product or cream specifically designed for bed bug bite treatments, but over the counter creams might help the itching.  Dallas Fort Worth customers report that applying steroidal anti-itch cream that contains hydrocortisone helps with the itching. Our customers also tell us that calamine lotion will help dry the bed bug rash, which helps it heal.

If you are experiencing bed bug bites in Dallas Fort Worth, we suggest you visit our bed bugs page for more information. It’s important to have a licensed bed bug exterminator solve this problem immediately.


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