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Cold Weather Driving Rodents Inside Dallas Fort Worth Homes

Cold Weather Driving Rodents Inside Dallas Fort Worth Homes

Dallas Fort Worth has been experiencing ridiculous cold weather the past couple weeks, which have been driving rodents inside attics and homes. The reason why rats and mice will seek shelter this time of year is mainly due to rampant temperature fluctuations. Dallas Fort Worth residents are no strangers to this crazy cold-warm-up-down weather, but for rodents it really freaks them out! Rats & Mice will seek shelter inside the home to get away from the fluctuating temperatures. Alamo recommends locating and sealing off any possible entry points and remember, mice and rats can enter through a hole the size of a dime.   If you need help identifying possible rodent entry points, call Alamo Termite & Pest Control; we offer this service free of charge.

Rodents Can Cause Significant Amounts Of Damage To Your House

Rodent’s front teeth never stop growing and this is why they constantly gnaw on things, causing significant damage to your home. Rats and mice chew on home items and use them for nesting material, but they also cause structural damage while creating pathways to food sources. With regards to rodent home damage in Dallas Fort Worth, the most alarming rodent damage we typically find is chewing on wire insulation. Rodents can strip wires bare causing potential fire hazards. Some modern home electrical wire insulation is made of soy-based materials, which makes them more attractive to rats and mice. Alamo Termite & Pest Control recommends a preemptive approach, which is designed to limit the chance of possible future rodent infestations. Call us at 817-760-0284 for further details.

Fort Worth Home Owners Report Hearing Scratching In The Attic Or Walls

Are you dealing with this crazy-cold Fort Worth weather and hear something scratching or rustling in the attic or walls of your home? You aren’t alone and more than likely you have a rodent infestation, it’s a common call we get from Dallas Fort Worth residents. The scratching noise you hear is more than likely a rat or mouse that is gnawing on the inside of your home.   If you are experiencing noises like this in your attic or walls, contact Alamo Termite & Pest Control and we’ll come provide a free rodent inspection.   We can treat you rodent problem right then/there if you want us too.



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