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Dallas Fort Worth Beetle Control

When investigating beetle control for your home or business you may learn that some beetles, like the ladybug, are cute but most are not. In addition to being gross and infesting your home, beetles can damage your property. They can live in almost any type of environment where they can find food and they can eat all kinds of fibers and organic materials. They are particularly fond of munching on carpet, furniture, blankets, and even clothing. The adult beetles will lay their eggs in dark places. Upon hatching, the larvae treat themselves to an all you can eat buffet on your personal property. Our beetle control service will keep you and your wardrobe safe from these pests.

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Dallas Fort Worth Beetle Extermination

Our beetle exterminator service will eliminate any beetle issues from your home or business. You may be tempted to transplant a beetled from your home to the yard but they can easily re-enter the premises. The key to effective beetle control and extermination is identifying the source of the infestation, which requires a professional in the Dallas Fort Worth area. These beetles are very fond of privacy and like to reproduce in dark, isolated, low-traffic areas. Attacking their nursery is key to eliminating them. The beetles will feed on any organic material, so it is very difficult to remove all of their food sources. These pests are not picky eaters. We’ve been in the beetle exterminator business since 1993, so we know just what to feed them to put an end to their tired act.

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