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Dallas Fort Worth Bee Removal

If you are in need of bee removal in Dallas Fort Worth, Alamo Pest is here to help. Unless you plan to make honey and control the bees by wearing a bee keeper mask and spraying your yard with smoke to keep them calm, it’s not a good idea to allow colony of bees to live near your home. Bees can be very territorial around their nest. It doesn’t take much aggression towards their home before they send out an angry bee swarm in full attack mode. These kamikaze attackers are willing to sacrifice their lives to deliver a sting in an effort to protect their queen and their hive. You have to respect their bravery and sacrifice, you don’t have to allow them to live. Professional bee extermination is required to eliminate a nest without putting yourself at risk. Many people are allergic to bees and a series of stings could, in a worst-case scenario, end in a fatality.

Don’t risk a trip to the ER! Alamo Pest will take care of all of your bee removal needs! Call us today in Dallas at 214-302-9680 and Fort Worth at 817-760-0284.

Dallas Fort Worth Wasp Removal

Wasps are the attack helicopters of the insect world. They launch aerial strikes and attack with heavy weaponry. Unlike bees, wasps are capable of delivering multiple stings in a single attack. When dealing with wasp removal and extermination involving a nest, you are potentially encountering an entire squadron of attackers. Wasp nest removal is dangerous. Let the professionals at Alamo Pest handle the wasp removal for you to keep yourself safe from the stings. We’ve got some military tactics of our own that will control wasp problems. Give us a call today if you spot any of these enemy insects around your home.

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Getting A Wasp/Bee Sting Is Not Fun

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